Perfume spot for Leagus Delaney, working alongside one of London’s advertising legends - Tim Delaney. Shot by Karl Oskarsson in Slovenia.

2nd Campaign for Enbridge out of Leo Burnett and shot by Adam Marsden.

Shot this last november with André Pienaar shooting, Aerin Barnes EP’ing and Kyra Shelgren producing. We had a blast in Uruguay shooting with El Camino.

Shot this in Bangkok and NYC with Rachel Weiss.  Shooting on location in Bangkok is quite a trip, where traffic control (there is none!)
and the thousands of people lining the streets to watch. Not to mention the extra’s mutiny, 100+ temps, pollution and noise. You’d never
know what...

Fun spot I directed with real people & friends, shot in London for FEELUNIQUE.COM

Yep, my second beer ad in a year - feel rather proud of myself. And Guinness no less. Shot in Toronto, shot by Kris B. at Sessler and cut by Ross B. at Bijou.

Dedicated to Miranda Bauer, who passed away March 27/2013.
While we raise money, give, and put our faith in the power of medicine, hope and courage, sometimes for no reason that I can imagine, it is not enough. People die and there is nothing we can do but try to affect change - here's...

Tetley Tea "Green"

shot in the Keys with Adam Marsden, Richard Cole and Katya Savrasova in middle of torrential storms that only contributed to the beautiful look of this film.

One of the most beautiful, haunting melodies I've heard and hopefully a great video to match.


CD - Cathy Delaney
PRODUCER - Lizzie Haberman

I shot this with the talented and super fun Rachel Donovan and Adam Marsden.
Thanks to Juka for coming up with such great hair.

Kathi's Blog

2nd campaign for me with this crew, this time in Santiago. We had our obstacles but made it work. Day 1 - lost our location for day 2, finished a shoot day scouting. Day 2 - car takes out hydro tower and electricity is down for 4 hours. Day 3 - worked with a kid who “gave” us 4 takes per shot, thats it! Nice Kid. Day 4 - had fun. Thanks to Paul, Steve & Mel at Leo B., Adam Marsden DP, Neil B. Producer, Ariel & The Roots, and Steve @TheSaints - the series looks great.